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Are you stressed out all the time? Are you in constant pain, or do you experience constant tension? Are you tired all the time and you just never seem to feel energized?

Are you looking for new, healthy ways to relieve these symptoms?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you could benefit from Energetic Therapies! Some types of energy healing and counseling services I provide are:

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Reiki - A gentle, non-invasive, hands on technique that uses the body’s natural energy system- the body wants to heal itself! The session will release stressful energy and you’ll find yourself relaxed and balanced in body, mind and Spirit. Since Stress is the main cause of disease, relieving this stress strengthens the immune system, preventing sickness. Reiki assists the body’s natural healing abilities by balancing the life force energy within. This allows for improved overall health and well-being. - 1 Hour - $125

Long Distance Reiki - If you can’t make it to my office, we can schedule a long distance Reiki session. Reiki is unique in that the energy can be sent through time and space. I would ask that you lie down during the session and relax. I will call you before the session to connect with you and then call you after. - 1 Hour - $125

Inner Light Therapy - Inner Light begins with chakra balancing to clear and balance your chakras, and then is followed by sending healing white light through your entire body to lift any energy blocks and revitalize every aspect of your body/mind/Spirit. You’ll reach a deep state of relaxation that leaves you feeling renewed, rebalanced, and recentered. - 1 Hour - $125

Spiritual Coaching - Learn how to Align your Spirit with your actions to create the life and the change you desire! Awaken and Live your higher purpose! Learn how to co-create your life with Spirit and live spiritually in a material world. Also, discover tools such as universal laws of energy, meditations, affirmations, visualization, and more to help you on your journey forward. - 1 Hour - $125

Intuitive Counseling - Are you having a personal issue and find everything you’re doing to resolve it isn’t working? In intuitive counseling we’ll look at your issue from a higher, spiritual perspective to find new ways to heal yourself and move forward! You’ll come away with positive techniques to take home that will help you in your healing process. - 1 Hour - $125


Chakra Balancing - Chakras are the energy centers of our bodies. When they become blocked we may become tired, uncentered, or stuck. Chakra balancing clears the blocks from your chakras and realigns your energetic field so you feel energized, balanced and centered. - 30 Minutes - $75

Couples Chakra Balancing - Nurture your relationship or friendship while relaxing and receiving chakra balancing together. - 1 Hour - $150

Energetic Awakening Packages:
Are you ready for a change? To reawaken your authentic self and live your life consciously? If you answered YES, a package is right for you! Consistent sessions support you in your desire for change by clearing out old energy patterns, which allow new, healthy patterns to emerge that help create the life you desire! Benefits include: relief of stress, worry and pain, clarity of purpose, reconnection to Spirit = healthy, joyful YOU!

Rejuvenate - 4 sessions - $455
Transform - 8 sessions - $915

* Packages include any 1 hour session and will be mixed according to individual’s need. Sessions expire after 6 months.

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All sessions and classes are by appointment only.

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