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Energy healing IS Therapy

Everything is energy and thats all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. - Albert Einstein

If everything is energy, then so are we! And since we’re energy, we benefit from energy healing to keep our body, mind and Spirit in balance and harmony.

Energy is our Life Force

Although we cannot see our energy, we can feel it and it directly affects our physical, mental and emotional health. We can feel when we don’t have any energy, just as we can feel when we’re energized! So when we don’t have energy over a long period of time what do we do?

Recognize Energy Drains

Do these symptoms sound familiar- chronic pain, stress, sickness, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, insomnia? These are all energy drains, and when our energy is drained it suppresses our immune system slowing down our body’s natural healing and making us more susceptible to illness. We’re quick to put a band aid on our pain maybe with a pill, a drink, or simply ignoring it. But the symptom comes back, because you HAVE to heal the cause.

Heal the Cause

Energy healing relieves symptoms, because it works to heal the cause of the pain so your symptoms don’t return. It does this by moving through your physical, mental and emotional bodies releasing any blocked energy so it’s flowing freely, which lifts your vibration to that of your pure energetic state! Our energy’s not flowing properly when we feel anything less than healthy and joyful! Say that again:

Our energys not flowing properly when we feel anything less than healthy and joyful!

When the cause is healed you’re free of symptoms and living from a place of well-being and joy!

Take your Energy Back

Energy healing gives YOU your energy back! It replenishes and reactivates your body’s natural healing system so you feel like your energized Self again. When you have YOUR energy, you’re not just in survival mode trying to get through the day, but your energy overflows into your home, your work, and your relationships. You feel energized and happier, and it reflects in all areas of your life! Energy healing is therapy for the body, mind and Spirit!

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