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Services & Classes

Inner Light Therapy - Inner Light begins with chakra balancing to clear and balance your chakras, and then is followed by sending healing white light through your entire body to lift any energy blocks and revitalize every aspect of your body/mind/Spirit. You’ll reach a deep state of relaxation that leaves you feeling renewed, rebalanced, and recentered. - 1 Hour - $100

House Blessing and Clearing - Homes and businesses can benefit from an energy clearing too! If you just moved into a new space and would like to refresh the energy, I have a process to bless and clear the space, moving out any negative energy, and filling the space with a positive energy and intention. Call for more details. Price dependent on size of house and distance.

Long Distance Reiki - If you can’t make it to my office, we can schedule a long distance Reiki session. Reiki is unique in that the energy can be sent through time and space. I would ask that you lie down during the session and relax. I will call you before the session to connect with you and then call you after. - 45 minutes - $85

Home or Hospital Visit - Can't make it into the office for your healing? I'll come you to! Contact me to schedule. - 1 Hour - $150

Animal Reiki - Does your beloved pet need healing? Animals benefit from the calm, peaceful healing energy of Reiki too! You can bring them to me, or I can travel to you. - $75

Reiki and Hypnosis - Energetic Therapies partners with New Perspectives for Life to provide Reiki-Hypnosis combination sessions. These sessions allow people to overcome the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual blocks keeping them from moving forward toward their best lives. The issues addressed include but are not limited to: stress, anxiety, weight loss, self-talk, smoking cessation, pain management, self-worth, and personal or professional success.

For your convenience, the following Reiki-Hypnosis packages are available: 

30 Minutes Reiki and 30 Minutes Hypnosis - $150
1 Hour Reiki and 1 Hour Hypnosis - $250 (savings of $50)

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Are you interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner?

Reiki I - First degree Reiki is a 2 hour class. You’ll learn the history of Reiki, the principles, and the hand positions. You’ll receive attunement and receive a certificate at the end. - $200

Reiki II - Second degree Reiki includes two 2 hour classes. In the first class you’ll learn the Reiki symbols. In the second class you’ll be tested on the symbols and learn the formula to send Reiki through time and space. You’ll receive attunement and receive a certificate at the end. - $350 for both classes

Reiki Master Class - When you decide to become a Reiki master we’ll set up a program that fits your schedule. A Reiki Master learns how to teach and initiate others into Reiki. - $850

With each Reiki Attunement your healing ability increases 100 times.

All classes and services are by appointment only.

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