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My Spiritual Path


The spiritual path was upon me at birth. I am the daughter of two Unity ministers, who brought me to church every Sunday, where I learned spiritual living and meditation as a practice. Because of my upbringing I yearned to know more about Spirit, and dive deeper into my personal spirituality. Even as a child I knew we are more than just bodies walking around. I was sensitive to energy, and intuitive to what was going on around me but didn’t quite understand it yet. I felt like I never quite fit into a particular group because I saw love and good in everyone. I was already viewing the world from a spiritual perspective, and there weren’t many like me in high school!

At age 12 my father attuned me to Reiki 1. I remember feeling the energy shift in my consciousness and my body, but not quite understanding what it meant yet. Around this time my father, Rev Patrick Abent, and his partner, Rev Cindy Fuller started a Metaphysical Christian Church called Inner Quest, in Alpharetta, GA. It's here I received most of my training and experience. In high school I would give Reiki at healing nights at my church while the other kids were attending football games!

Becoming a Reiki Master

I’ll fast forward to college. I attended University of Georgia where I achieved my Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development, with the intention that I would become a therapist, but life had other plans! I decided to get my Reiki II attunement in my junior year of college, where I practiced sending it through time and space. After that attunement I was opened up even more, feeling my own energy and intuition heighten.

After college, I decided to travel west. I traveled for 3 years working in resorts in Yellowstone National Park, Aspen, and San Diego. I met and worked with people from all over the world, and felt very connected to the energy of the land and the people on the west coast. Knowing no one when I left Georgia, traveling gave me confidence and independence, opening me up to myself, and teaching me to trust my intuition.

It was in San Diego that I got the call to travel back home and start seminary at Inner Quest. I felt the call to get ordained so I could practice spiritual counseling and healing - my true calling. Five and a half years later I was ordained - in 2013, and then went through a 4 month Reiki Master program in 2014. It was in seminary I also got certified in Color Therapy, Meditation, and Psychic Development. I learned how to do House Clearings and Blessings, and other energy work such as chakra balancing and Inner Light Therapy. I also got experience in public speaking, teaching classes and giving sermons.

While In seminary I worked in Commercial Real Estate for 4 years, learning how to manage shopping centers, and getting business training all at the same time! I worked with all different types of businesses and people. After ordination I worked at Inner Quest Church, and got experience doing Spiritual Counseling and healing work day to day for the congregation.

I Live My Passion

The experience traveling, working in hospitality and commercial real estate, and all the training and education I’ve received, not to mention my family - gave me the skill set, confidence, support and knowledge to start my own business. A business where I am fulfilled every single day helping others to Relax, Rebalance and Rejuvenate their Body, Mind and Spirit.

My passions include my healing work, writing, traveling, photography, Yoga, hiking and helping others to reconnect to their Spirit!

Education & Other Training


University of Georgia - Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development
Inner Quest Church - Masters in Divinity; Ordained as a minister
Reiki Master - taught by her father - Rev Patrick Abent, under the line of Usui

Other Training from Inner Quest Church

- Meditation (certificate)
- Color Therapy (certificate)
- Psychic Development (certificate)
- House Clearing and Blessings
- Energy Healing (certificate)
- Chakra Balancing, Inner Light Therapy

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